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clients and grow your business period

A spectacular way to retain your customers,

There is an old lesson taught to everyone in sales, you can grow your business much easier with current customers than with finding news ones. This is very true but comes with its own set of challenges.

If you are in a business where a customer/client generally will use your service once a month and it has been two months since you last heard from them “what is your next move?” “Do you call?” “Email?” It can be uncomfortable and can also harm the relationship as you might come across as pushy which no one likes.

Spero Survey Service provides you with a method to find out what they are thinking, are they happy with you, were they satisfied with your product or service. If you get back a positive response, great, however if you get back a negative response it gives you the option to resolve the problem right away and retain the customer.

Spero - Survey

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